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The FC&L Group has been active in Belize for more than 25 years, and its local managers have significant experience in commercial fruit production. The Group owns land in Southern Belize, a proportion of which is cultivated with bananas, citrus, cacao and hard wood. Land is also used for goat farming, especially for milk goats and cheese production for the local market.


The FC&L Group began operating in Ecuador in 1990. Its main activity is the production for commercial sale of bananas, and the local companies implement sustainable farming practices across a total of 600 hectares of land. The bananas are sold on contract via local or international exporters on the international market.


In 1994, the FC&L Group acquired more than 30,000 hectares of planted forest of pine and eucalyptus in Brazil. FC&L invested in the development of the forest and the property during the first 10 years. From 2004 to 2014 the company harvested and sold timber and timber products for the European and Brazilian market, and during this period the company sold part of the land.

The FC&L group has installed 1,000 hectares of pivot irrigation, and is cultivating with crops including soy, maize, beans, sweet potatoes and quinoa. Land is also used for soy and cotton production during the rainy season.

The FC&L group has significantly contributed to the regeneration of the local environment, replanting 2,000 hectares of eucalyptus plantation, and the remainder of the land is maintained as biological reserves where the natural plants and animals are protected.



The FC&L Group is currently regenerating a former coconut plantation in Fiji Islands, with coconut palms that are over 50 years old. The palms from the best areas have been maintained, while new palms are being replanted across a significant portion of the land. The Group will commence production of organic virgin coconut oil from 2018.

The property is owned and operated by a local subsidiary, and part of the land is used to cultivate additional products including pineapple, dalo and other fruits and vegetables.



Since 2010, FC&L has invested in agricultural productions in Southern Africa. Initially, the Group established itself in Northern Mozambique with two banana plantations and with sufficient land to expand the production of bananas.

Experienced managers and key production staff came from farms in Ecuador and Belize to head the production and train the local Mozambican employees. The FC&L Group established farms and infrastructure to commercially export bananas, and the Group now plans to expand banana production in this area. At these 2 farms, FC&L has also started goat meat production, with a herd of more than 1,200 goats at each farm.

The FC&L Group is also developing a large multi-crop farm site in the same area. In 2016 the Group commenced construction of houses and infrastructure, alongside initial production of cattle, goats, eggs and row crops for the local market. The farm’s main activity is the production of bananas,and the Group also intends to establish a hard wood plantation which can be harvested and replanted after 20 years.

In 2015, FC&L, through a local subsidiary, purchased a cattle farm in the south of Mozambique with 1,000 heads of cattle. In 2015 and 2016 the company has sustainably invested in the repair of dams, fences, buildings and infrastructure, including the drilling of new deep wells.

Zambia and Malawi:

FC&L has also acquired land and commenced production in Zambia and Malawi. In Zambia the FC&L group has established a herd of 2,000 goats on 700 hectares of land with production of goat meat for the local market and for neighbouring countries.

In Malawi the FC&L group is producing row crops for the local market and has established a herd of 500 goats.


The FC&L Group is proud of its track record in social responsibility. The Group works across all its companies to upskill its employees and foster an inclusive and friendly work environment at its commercial units. High productivity, high quality standards, and high social and ethical standards are a requirement of all FC&L Group operations and employees.

Through its subsidiaries, the FC&L Group supports local communities with both permanent and temporary employment opportunities. The Group provides training to its employees across its operations, alongside opportunities for personal development for employees and their families, including cultural and health awareness programs.

The Group’s subsidiaries actively contribute to the local areas in which they operate, working with local communities to undertake community development initiatives such as cleaning up local rivers, repairing wells, and developing local infrastructure.