Southern Africa


Since 2010, FC&L has invested in agricultural productions in Southern Africa. Initially, the Group established itself in Northern Mozambique with two banana plantations and with sufficient land to expand the production of bananas.

Experienced managers and key production staff came from farms in Ecuador and Belize to head the production and train the local Mozambican employees. The FC&L Group established farms and infrastructure to commercially export bananas, and the Group now plans to expand banana production in this area. At these 2 farms, FC&L has also started goat meat production, with a herd of more than 1,200 goats at each farm.

Southern African Banana Field

In 2015, FC&L, through a local subsidiary, purchased a cattle farm in the south of Mozambique with 1,000 heads of cattle. In 2015 and 2016 the company has sustainably invested in the repair of dams, fences, buildings and infrastructure, including the drilling of new deep wells.

Southern African Crops

The FC&L Group is also developing a large multi-crop farm site in the same area. In 2016 the Group commenced construction of houses and infrastructure, alongside initial production of cattle, goats, eggs and row crops for the local market. The farm’s main activity is the production of bananas, and the Group also intends to establish a hard wood plantation which can be harvested and replanted after 20 years.

Mozambique cattle farm

Zambia and Malawi

FC&L has also acquired land and commenced production in Zambia and Malawi.

In Zambia the FC&L group has established a herd of 2,000 goats on 700 hectares of land with production of goat meat for the local market and for neighbouring countries.

African crop field

In Malawi the FC&L group is producing row crops for the local market and has established a herd of 500 goats.

African Goat Farm

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